An Awkward End To A Date

I had developed a liking for a man who made good company for me and we had started the dating ritual pretty much on schedule. Everything seemed perfect and we began parting with deeper and deeper kisses. One day, as we were on our way back from dinner. He got a call from work to attend to an emergency. He was meeting with Tim so he had to show up as soon as possible to impress.

He came after his meeting with his attorney for examples so we took the same bus on my route home which happened to be a walking distance from the hospital. I think he was feeling the pressure and as I had gotten used to the customary steamy kiss, I leaned forward.

All I got was an apologetic kiss on my forehead that left me feeling high and dry. A lady nurse consoled me when she mentioned to me that I was usually all he talked about at walk and how he missed being with me. She told me to expect him to contact me right after attending to the emergency no matter how late it would be.

I think he’s the one.

Interior Design

I grew up in a home where everything had to remain spick and span from morning to evening. There was never any time to relax and leave anything out of place or unclean. Over time, I noticed that my mum developed an interest in designing her own furniture and fittings. I enjoyed the shopping sessions for materials that would be converted to beautiful draperies, accessories or furniture.

By the time I was through with high school, I had decided on my career as I had gained enough exposure at home. I went through college and learnt it from the classroom perspective.

Today, I am offering services through my interior design agency with an equally dedicated staff. All those years of discipline and learning have finally paid off.